PRICNAC call for projects: Understanding "3S smart specialisation strategies"

The webinar on "3S smart specialisation strategies" was held on 22 July 2021.

This second webinar follows on from the first webinar on “Concrete instructions for the proposal of small scale projects” to support potential applicants to the call for small scale projects. Smart Specialisation Strategies (3S) refers to a system with the capacity to develop new activities from existing resources. PRICNAC small scale projects are expected to be in line with the 3S logic.


The webinar on 3S was moderated by Dr Mafini Dosso, Project Leader “Smart Specialisation in Innovation and Informal African Economies” at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. In her presentation, Ms Dosso outlined the main types and forms of innovation, the challenges of innovation for local and global development, and the strategic approach to innovation for sustainable territorial transformation, thereby introducing an initial explanation of the 3S concept.


Many questions were asked, which highlighted the need for another information session on this topic. A second webinar on 3S will be organised soon