First webinar on the call for small scale project proposals

On 16 July 2021, the PRICNAC project consortium hosted a webinar on " Concrete instructions for small scale project proposals ". About 50 people took part in the webinar.

The webinar with the title “Concrete instructions for the proposal of small scale projects” was organised following the call for small scale project proposals launched on 9 July 2021. Following “Information days“, this was intended to the immediate target of the project and to potential candidates to the call for small scale project proposals for a better understanding of the PRICNAC project and to provide all the modalities to subscribe to the call for proposals. Moderated by the AUF and OBREAL Global teams, the webinar covered the following subjects:


  • Presentation of the PRICNAC consortium composed of AUF, OBREAL Global, CAMES and REIFAC
  • Presentation of the objectives of PRICNAC and the four Axes of the ACP Innovation Fund 
  • Clarification of the rules applicable to the call for projects, how to register online and how to compile the budget.


The presentation of these various elements resulted in a fruitful exchange which helped to clear up any unclear aspect. To conclude, all participants were encouraged to attend the webinar on smart specialisation strategies on 22 July 2021.